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Set 1: Missions to Mars (43 cards)  closely adapted from Table one  list of Missions to Mars with images added from NASA (except for MOM).

Set 2: Facts About Mars, (45 cards) adapted from Tables 2 and 3, with images (mostly from NASA or Planetary Resources) and additional information added to explain some terms on the Hint card.

Set 3: Mars One FAQs, (46 cards) Very loosely adapted from the Mars One FAQ webpage but with full text on the Hint card.

Study Material:

Mars One Applicant Study Material Booklet

Study Material: full text on flashcards (provided by candidate Oscar Mathews Correa)


All Mars Missions – historical log of all Mars missions, links to all past, present & future NASA missions’ home pages

Current missions:


Mars Orbiter Mission (ISRO)

Mars Science Laboratory aka. Curiosity (NASA)

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA)

Mars Exploration Rovers aka. Spirit & Opportunity (NASA)

Mars Express (ESA) (NASA’s Mars Express mission page)

Mars Odyssey (NASA)

Upcoming missions:

InSight (NASA)

ExoMars (ESA)

2020 Mission Plans (NASA)


The Mars Quarterly – Mars Society’s publication

Spaceref – Mars Today - Mars news & Mars mission reports

ScienceDaily Mars News – latest Mars research news

Red Planet Radio - Mars Society’s radio

Mars Pirate Radio – podcast about space science fact and fiction

Mars Daily – Mars news

Marsnews – as the name suggests

The Space Review – online publication devoted to in-depth articles, commentary, and reviews regarding all aspects of space exploration

Mars Exploration Magazine – Explore Mars organisation’s online publication


Space Agencies:

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA

ESA – European Space Agency

Роскосмос/Roscosmos – Russian Federal Space Agency

JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

CNSA – China National Space Administration

ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation

Complete list of government space agencies on Wikipedia 

Other Organisations and Projects:

The Mars Society – World’s largest international space advocacy non-profit organization dedicated to promoting human exploration and settlement of the planet Mars.

Mars Foundation – Non-profit organisation aiming to start the first permanent settlement on Mars and to inspire the next generation of explorers through STEM projects & research initiatives.

Inspiration Mars Foundation – US non-profit organization founded by Dennis Tito aiming to launch a manned mission to flyby Mars in 2018/2021.

Mars Settlement Research Organisation – International group investigating the challenges of human settlement of Mars.

International Mars Research Station – A program of near-term, affordable and achievable missions to send international crews of six people to Mars.

Mars Initiative – International non-profit organization focused on space advocacy, space exploration, and the promotion of a human mission to Mars including exploration of Mars and the colonization of Mars.

Mars Drive – International organization promoting a private human program for Mars, with a goal to involve the public, directly and actively, in the settlement and exploration of space.

Explore Mars – US non-profit organisation aiming to advance the goal of sending humans to Mars within the next two decades and to encourage the use of STEM curriculum in the classroom to instill a desire to pursue space exploration for future generations.

The Space Frontier Foundation – Space advocacy non-profit corporation organized to promote the interests of increased involvement of the private sector, in collaboration with government, in the exploration and development of space.

The Planetary Society – Founded in 1980 by Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray, and Louis Friedman, to inspire and involve the world’s public in space exploration through advocacy, projects, and education. Today, The Planetary Society is the largest and most influential public space organization group on Earth.


Pietro Aliprandi – Applicant Round 2

Kenya Armbrister – Applicant Round 2

Rick Boerebach – Fan & Supporter

Stephanie Buck – Applicant Round 2

Wolfgang Burger – Applicant Round 2

Dan Carey – Applicant Round 2

Bill Dunlap – Applicant Round 2

Hannah Earnshaw – Applicant Round 2                       

Lucie Ferstova – Applicant Round 2     

Inka Haltiapuu – Applicant Round 2                             

Heidi Hecht – Applicant Round 2

Stefanie Hellemans – Applicant Round 2

Paul Leeming – Applicant Round 2    

Jackson Kisling – Applicant Round 2

MacDonald – Applicant Round 2

Cassandra Morphy – Applicant Round 2

Gunnar Prehl – Applicant Round 2

Josh Richards – Applicant Round 2

Robert P. Schroeder – Applicant Round 2

Sarthak Sharma – Applicant Round 2

Dr. Leila Zucker – Applicant Round 2


Mars One’s Ticket to Rise campaign – Participate to win a trip to space!

Fitocracy – Aspiring Martians Fitness Group

NASA JPL Mars Exploration Program – Tons of Mars resources! NASA Mars Missions, Mars facts, news, multimedia, blogs, educational material etc.

Destination: Mars – educational material about Mars by NASA, downloadable

Basics of Space Flight – educational material by NASA

Mars Papers – Mars Society archive of Mars related papers and presentations

Planetary Engineering Bibliography – A rather thorough listing of literature related to Geoengineering, Terraforming and Astrophysical Engineering by Martyn J. Fogg.

NASA Be A Martian – Project helping NASA to date Martian land areas by counting craters. Invites members of the public to take part. Also available as mobile app!

Latest Mars Weather Report – by NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

HiRISE – Awesome high-res images from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s HiRISE camera!

Google Mars – Map of Mars by Google. Toggle between the elevation, visible, and infrared data.

Mars Movie Guide – as the name suggests

Mars In Fiction – Wikipedia article about Mars in fiction

Goodreads’ list of 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books set on or about Mars

Transmissions from Colony One – fictional radio drama about a Mars mission set in the near-future of 2057

Mars-related video games on Steam

Marscoin – cryptocurrency’s website