Candidates’ Corner: Lucie Ferstová

Every other week Aspiring Martians highlights a Mars One fan and their journey thus far along the path to becoming one of the first human beings to live on Mars. This week we want to introduce you to Lucie Ferstová, a Round 2 Mars One applicant from Svinaře, Czech Republic who is currently studying astrophysics and IT.  She is a passionate individual who loves everything to do with science and space exploration. Enjoy!

lucieHi, I’m Lucy and I have not been dreaming of going to Mars since I was a little kid. I did have the necessary week-long phase when I was about nine and thought: “Oh, I wanna be an astronaut!” which, however, smoothly transformed into “Oh, I wanna be a cowboy!” And sadly, becoming a space-cowboy didn’t even occur to me at that time.

What I am trying to confess is that this is not a life-long dream for me. I generally don’t even like the word ‘dream’ attached to this project. A “dream” seems to be something childish, naive, something parents listen to and then smile their polite and kind smiles.

Let’s call it a vision – I would happily dedicate my life and my efforts to the vision of people leaving Earth, exploring space, making all those sci-fi novels slightly more real. In most other jobs, there is no direction. There is no permanent displacement. In the long run, it’s all static.

I adore movement. Yes, there are many things that give you the illusion of movement, and they are easy to come by and easy to do. But every time I do something easy, I feel like I’m cheating. I feel like I could do more.

Mars One came up with the ultimate offer. They give you the chance to be the front-line soldier, to expand the limits of humanity by dragging them inch by inch a little further by sheer willpower and skill. To make jokes while suffering and laugh when others would cry, because you know that at the end of the day you’re still on a path that has a direction and that direction unwaveringly points to the endless possibilities of the universe.

I have no interests, degrees, or careers that would be distinct enough to define me. However, I do have a restless potential inside of me, still young and malleable. And if I am given the choice, I’d very much like to be the person Mars One is offering to make me. I know that a large portion of the work will have to be mine and I have been putting great amounts of effort to get both my body and mind in shape for it.

I never asked for easy. As one wise (fictional) man said, “It’s difficult. All things worth keeping are.”


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  1. “They tell me it’s a suicide mission. I intend to prove them wrong.”

    I’m going to start an I Love Lucie campaign because she is great!

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