Aspiring Martians is the official Mars One supported group dedicated to providing you with a community that shares your similar space exploration interests while offering the most up-to-date news on Mars One and other Mars related topics. As space exploration is reaching a renewed apex in public awareness and interest, there is a greater demand for an arena where individuals can get the latest information and discuss it with one another. We believe that the ability to connect with other people to share interests, stories, and dreams is just as vital as getting the most current information to you first. That is why we have developed a strong social presence that continues to grow every day.

Aspiring Martians was founded on 4 May 2013 as a small Facebook group dedicated to providing Mars One enthusiasts with a place to meet one another. Since then, we have grown into a community supported by thousands of like-minded individuals like you. We have held several successful Million Martians Meetings all across the globe including Washington, DC, Germany, Russia, and India.

We began as a group dedicated to providing anyone with an interest in space exploration a community where they would feel welcome and at home. We will continue to strive to provide that sense of community to anyone who dreams of seeing humanity spread out amongst the stars. Thank you, and welcome to Aspiring Martians.